Humanitarian and resilience innovations for Syria

Nordic Innovation Day: Syria workshop support
January 24, 2017

A successful humanitarian response to the crisis in Syria and ongoing sustainable development of the region requires strong partnerships between the international community, private sector, NGOs and civil society. To support this, on Monday 23rd January M4ID facilitated the 2017 Nordic Day of Innovation in connection with today’s Syria Humanitarian Response Plan (HRP) and 3RP launch event. We facilitated workshops on humanitarian and resilience innovations in Syria and neighbouring countries. Our task was to bring together the private sector, the UN and NGOs to look at topics related to energy generation and networks, ICT and telecommunications, water, waste water and waste management, health services and training as well as vocational and education services.

We divided participants into mixed sector groups to map out concrete challenges and identify new ways to address them during and after the crisis. By using a multidisciplinary approach we aimed to create a catalyst for new partnerships to form between public and private stakeholders.

The participants will take forward the knowledge, ideas and contacts generated during the day. These will be used to pilot and test in a Syrian context innovations which have been successfully used elsewhere and to create new solutions and processes to improve the response of all sectors to the crisis in the Middle East.