How to follow social media conversations?

November 5, 2009

One thing is sure: people are talking about organizations and causes online. The good news is that now one can actually ‘hear’ what’s being said, and even chip in. Listening enables organizations to identify the most passionate supporters and activists as well as pick up on their skills and networks. It also provides opportunities to monitor responses to press releases, theme days or campaigns (just to mention some benefits). Here are a few websites through which organizations can gather valuable feedback from the social media sphere:

WhosTalkin is a search engine which compiles conversations from blogs, social networks, forums, tags and more. Another good one is the Social Mention site. Once alerts for keywords (organisation name, field etc.) are set up, notifications will be sent automatically as these are mentioned. Omgili is also another tool for monitoring opinions (among other features).

More about searching social media coverage to follow next week…

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