Harnessing the power of rituals for quality of care in India

November 7, 2017

M4ID is proud to announce the launch of a new innovative project, ‘Rituals for Quality of Care’, carried out in collaboration with The University of Texas at Austin.

The project seeks to understand the rituals and motivations surrounding service delivery of front line workers (FLWs) in India, use the research to co-design new service solutions that directly address the psychological, social, and cultural roots of the current suboptimal delivery of services among FLWs and to test the service concepts to develop clear proofs of concept. The project will also develop a strategy for implementation and impact evaluation as well as disseminate key learnings on how rituals can be harnessed for improved quality of care.

The project also provides a unique opportunity for showcasing the strength of interdisciplinary innovation. UT Austin and M4ID will hence document and share learnings from the collaborative nature of this project, with the goal of creating a replicable model for linking academic research to the multi disciplinary, human-centered design approach.