Google unveils new social networking site

February 10, 2010

Google has launched it’s new social networking site Buzz, with features built directly into Gmail. Users can post private or public status updates and share content from other sites such as Twitter, YouTube, Flickr and Picassa. Private updates are automatically added to a user’s profile page, whilst public updates will also be available to search engines.  The site also incorporates elements of Twitter, such as the ability to “follow” people that share updates, and features that appear in Facebook such as the ability to “like” content.

Google has also integrated it with its mapping service and mobile platforms.  Status updates sent from phones will record the location of the sender and add it to the message, other users can then search public messages from their phone .. this way one can see what people in ones neighbourhood are saying. Public updates will also be added to Google Places, a directory of businesses that include reviews of restaurants and theatres, for example.

These are pretty attractive features,  remains to be seen whether they’re enough to drag people away from Facebook and Twitter.  Nice little video intoduces Buzz below: