Global mums-to-be making friends
April 27, 2017

Being pregnant is sometimes lonely

M4ID aims to unite women and empower them through dialogue. Our 2017 social mission project GloBelly is a new woman-to-woman messenger service that pairs moms-to-be from different countries. Speaking to another woman going through the same experience can be both enjoyable and reassuring. GloBelly provides women from different environments with a space to chat, share stories and support each other.

Every pregnancy is different

Free to use, GloBelly is a place to hear someone else’s experience of pregnancy and share your own. It gives women from different settings the opportunity to connect with a fellow mom-to-be, grow together on their pregnancy journey and make a friendship that could last long after leaving the delivery room.

M4ID team is currently working with local partners in Nigeria, India and Finland to recruit a test group of women who will be matched to each other. The service will fully launch in June and registration will be open to all pregnant women from anywhere in the world.

More info on GloBelly coming soon.