Increasing video views

March 24, 2009

We’re glad to see NGOs and UN agencies using videos to spearhead or support their campaigns and causes.   A quick review of recently launched videos reveals that most of the videos are seen by very few people though.  Why?

There are three main reasons for this: Firstly, they’r so long, video sharing site clips should be around 1-2 minutes, maximum, people simply don’t have the patience for more. Secondly, and more importantly, the content isn’t interesting enough … More than 10 hours of film is uploaded on to YouTube every hour, non-for-proftis need more than a good cause to cut through the clutter of clips: content has to be creative, original, intriguing, surprising in order for people to want to watch and share.    Thirdly, videos rarely reach people and go viral by accident (however good a concept): a detailed seeding and sharing strategy is needed to ensure it reaches a broad audience.   With these three components covered better, non-for-profit videos may start to get the viewer numbers they deserve..

Here’s the recently launched celebrity supported video for the Million Mums campaign, which we are rooting for: