Foursquare gains ground

June 22, 2010

Location based service Foursquare is becoming increasingly popular, to the point of being tipped the Twitter of 2010. The mobile phone based service allows people to virtually check-in to a location and earn points, status and coupons. Because the check-in process happens when someone is physically at for example a store, the person can see ads for services or products and take immediate action.

Non-profits are also starting to take note, though there aren’t many example cases yet, Earthjustice is one early adopter though that has used it to good effect. Foursquare will come to play a key role for communicators/marketers and fundraisers over the next years. Recommend signing-up and getting on aboard soonest.  Below video intros the service nicely.. we’ll post thoughts on ways to use it for social change projects over the next weeks.