Fear of Change?

September 25, 2009

Marketing ‘guru’ Seth Godin has ignited an online firestorm with his recent blog post condemning nonprofits for their aversion to change and their resistance to embracing social media.  Seth laments, “Where are the big charities, the urgent charities, the famous charities that face such timely needs and are in a hurry to make change? Very few of them have bothered to show up in a big way.”  He goes on:

“When was the last time you had an interaction with a non-profit that blew you away? Please don’t tell me it’s about a lack of resources. The only reason not to turn this over to hordes of crowds eager to help you is that it means giving up total control and bureaucracy. Which is scary because it leads to change. Non-profits, in my experience, abhor change.”

Most responses to the post have been ones that agree, as well as seeing a whole host of additional obstacles for social media use.  The team at  Blue Sky Collaborative state for example: “It really doesn’t matter what the technology is, nonprofits take 10 years to adopt to anything new.”

Sure, adoption is slow, but it’s not all that bad in our opinion, and anyhow: this is exactly why M4ID exist, by sharing information, providing sound and tailored solutions, we help agencies take one small step at a time.   Strategic adoption will lead to success that will fuel increased uptake.. this way, we’ll see non-for-profits at the top of user and follower lists in no time.