Earth Hour Approaching

March 25, 2009

WWF’s 2009 Earth Hour (Vote Earth) will take place again on Saturday 28 March, at 8.30PM (local time, wherever you live).  The campaign that started off in Sydney in 2007, has grown in to a 84 country effort, aiming to reach 1 billion people in 1,000 cities.  The campaign uses social media in all ways and forms, from google maps, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, mobiles, games to blogs..  The campaign team aslo called out to the social media community a month ago, urging bloggers, podcasters, online video makers, mobile users and online social networkers to spread the word. “Social media has proved it can be a powerful force for driving change, but when the stakes are as high as they have ever been, we really need the support of the online community for Earth Hour this year,” said Earth Hour Executive Director Andy Ridley.  It’ll be interesting to follow how the community responds, we’ve not as of yet detected much extra noise in the blogosphere..

Join the campaign by switching off your lights 8.30 – 9.30PM this coming Saturday!