A Group ANC Model

Working with MSH to design a Group ANC model in Uganda
October 18, 2016

Antenatal care is one of the most important healthcare services provided for pregnant women around the world. In most countries, care during pregnancy traditionally involves a schedule of one-to-one visits with a midwife, or an obstetrician or general practitioner in a hospital, clinic or a community setting. Different ways of providing this critical care have been explored in various settings over the last years, with the use of a group antenatal care model rather than a one-to-one approach emerging as a promising intervention.

M4ID is hence excited to now launch a new collaboration with Management Sciences for Health (MSH) to adapt, design and customise a Group ANC model for communities in Mbale and Bududa, Uganda. M4ID will contribute with a human centred design approach to identifying specific user needs and preferences for both ANC clients and providers in developing the model. Using co-design and creative concepting methods, our design team will develop customised materials for ANC clients and training materials for providers as well as contribute to the design of the contextually adapted group ANC curriculum.

Our project team is currently heading to Mbale with MHS experts to facilitate design research activities and workshops with women and care providers, and will share updates from these soon!