Meet M4ID – Charlotta Liukas

April 10, 2014

Charlotta Liukas is a Project Manager at M4ID. She leads most of our ongoing social media and mobile projects – if you are one of our partners, chances are you’ve Skyped with her recently!

Before joining M4ID two years ago, Charlotta worked on digital marketing with technology startups and with rural solar electrification in India. She has a Master’s in Management from Aalto University, Finland, and studied international development, design and product development at IIT Kanpur, India and Yonsei University, South Korea.

Charlotta has worked extensively with our health NGO partners in India and Nigeria, developing content strategies and building staff capacity in new communications technology.

What trends do you see in the sector?

With smartphone and social media proliferation around the world, communication and advocacy are no longer contained to a handful of high profile actors but there are more diverse voices in the mix. For NGOs, using these new tools mean that they reach their beneficiary audiences as well as the the international community  through the same channels.

Tailoring the message form and packaging it right becomes an important part of an NGO’s content strategy.  Organisations also need to increasingly explore a multi-platform media strategy, so that they continue to reach their audience irrespective of social media service changes, like the ones we’ve lately seen with Facebook’s declining role.

Lastly, tell us some good books to read?

Oh, so many. At M4ID, the most referenced book of 2014 so far has been Martin & Hanington: Universal methods of Design, it’s very thorough, and full of examples.

For a technology enthusiast, I’d recommend David Edgerton’s The Shock of the Old: Technology and Global History since 1900. It’s about debunking many of the views on technological advancement and its impact that we often take for granted.

Finally, I just ordered Making the Modern World: Materials and Dematerialization by Vaclav Smil – looking forward to reading that too!

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