Bra colour craze on Facebook

January 9, 2010

Tens of thousands of female users yesterday began updating their Facebook statuses with colours: “black”, “beige”, or “white and pink”. It created great buzz among the Facebook community and bloggers who, after some confusion, reported that the colour statuses were part of a new campaign to help raise awareness for breast cancer and remind women to get checked.

Malorie Lucich, a spokeswoman for Facebook, said she was not sure where or how the craze started (cancer orgs say they have not started it) but that it was an example of a “grass-roots” movement beginning on the social networking site. “It’s an ideal example of how an individual voice can be magnified to create awareness for a good cause and ignite action among millions by using a site like Facebook.” Great inititiative, whoever did start it!

PS. Rumour is it is a women’s group in Detroit who came up with the idea..