Birth in Progress Exhibition

Co-created maternity ward innovations at Women Deliver
June 6, 2016

In mid-May M4ID took part in the triennial Women Deliver conference and exhibited our Lab.our Ward project to an audience of thousands of women’s health advocates and practitioners from around the world.

Feedback and co-creation on design proposals

In the exhibition, entitled Birth in Progress, visitors experienced a woman’s journey through a low resource facility. Work-in-progress design proposals were on show, and visitors were invited to actively contribute to the next iteration of these designs by sharing their insights, opinions and feedback during presentations, ‘test and try’ and co-creation events.

Cross-disciplinary design approaches to maternity ward innovations

The exhibition was a part of the Lab.our Ward project which brings product designers, service designers and architects together in collaboration with maternal and new born health experts in order to rethink the birth experience in low resource setting facilities.

Read more about the exhibition from the Maternal Health Task Force blogpost, Promising Innovations for Maternal and Newborn Health from WD2016.

#BirthInProgress in the media

Highlights from the exhibition included the numerous in-depth conversations with maternal and newborn health professionals during the entire conference. In addition, we’re grateful for the facilitators of our co-design session including Dr Neel Shah, Ariadne Labs; Dr Priya Agrawal, Merck for Mothers; Dr Jerker Liljestrand, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation; and Meghan Bohren, WHO.

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