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Creative Problem Solving

We deploy creative problem solving and aim for fresh and innovative outcomes, be it a social media campaign for behavior change or a life saving service innovation. We base our work in evidence and deep understanding of the context and people.

Creativity &
Through cross-pollination of exploration, co-design and concepting, we discover novel ways of turning challenges into opportunities.
Data driven &
Analytical thinking
Informed by research and building on existing evidence, we create solutions that have the desired impact, are replicable and can be sustained over time.
Meaningful solutions grow out of knowledge of the environment a problem is rooted in and from an understanding of the people who are affected by it.

Our Approach

& Offering

» Action research
» Contextual inquiries
» Desk research
» Design research
» Field work
» Landscape analysis
» Policy analysis
» Co-design
» Concepting
» Creative workshop
» Opportunity mapping
» Project brief / Pla
» Communication strategies
» Design strategies
» Branding
» Campaign development
» Product design
» Service design
» User testing
» User experience design
» Visual design
» Film production
» Product development
» Tool production
» Website development
» App development
» Communication asset production
» Campaign launch
» Capacity building
» Design support
» Media support
» Project communication
» Seeding strategies
» Trainings
» White paper publishing