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M4ID’s vision is improved development and health
outcomes for underserved and vulnerable people.

We deliver on this mission by providing
people-centred design and creative communication
solutions for global development and health challenges.

M4ID was founded as a social impact company in 2008 with a bold ambition to advance the global development and health field through creative problem solving and cross disciplinary collaboration.

M4ID brings together creative communication, human centred design, and product innovation with development and health expertise. Being agile and responsive to the development sectors and our partners needs are at the core of our approach.

In founding M4ID, Joe Wright and Mari Tikkanen, brought with them expertise from two decades of work in the development sector for the World Bank, UN and NGOs, throughout Asia and Africa. Under their leadership, M4ID has grown to become a uniquely independent and sustainable social impact company.

M4ID only undertakes assignments that improve development and health outcomes for vulnerable and underserved communities. M4ID employs a highly expert multi-disciplinary team, driven by the will to make a difference. Our projects involve researching and developing contextually specific solutions as well as replicable process models and scalable strategies. The outcomes are often a combination of new tools and services, innovations for improving existing national health systems and delivery programmes as well as creative communication and behaviour change solutions. M4ID’s unique model ensures active participation of national stakeholders in the planning, research, co-design, prototyping, testing, strategy development and implementation stages.

In addition to its client-led work, M4ID funds and executes its own social mission projects, through which it creates new services and campaigns for a fairer world.

M4ID is based in Helsinki, Finland, a vibrant hub of creativity, design, and health, wellbeing and technology innovation.