Mimba meets Johanna

February 27, 2014

Maternal health cannot only be provided for by a faceless public healthcare system. Be it in Africa or in Europe, maternal health care is linked to culture and emotion. We need to give more possibilities for people who need continuity of care.
– Johanna Sarlio-Nieminen

The Mimba team at M4ID had a chat with Johanna, the founder of Yebomama, an independent midwifery service in Helsinki. Johanna also has extensive experience as an anthropologist and a midwife in the public health sector both in Finland and Malawi. She spoke of her journey in this field and the issues she addresses through her work. We also discussed the role of online advocacy and social media in her professional life. 

Thank you for the lively discussion Johanna!


Currently at a planning and concepting stage, Mimba is a digital activist service for the advancement of women’s sexual, reproductive and maternal health and rights globally, developed by M4ID.